Lotte Schloer: PorCelain Design

Current projects

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Swaptics: Haptics of light-switch

fitted space: multifunctional Japanese bowl adaption

betotherm: series of bowl

"Transluzenz": series of lamps

Marbling: Jars with drops

CUT: porcelain cylinders

Metamorphosis: plaster figure transformation

Porcelain painter & industrial designer: Lotte Schloer

My name is Lotte Schloer, I study industrial design in Halle (Saale), Germany, and work as a porcelain design in Munich, Halle, and Berlin.


I started working with porcelain during my apprenticeship at the reknown porcelain manufactury "Nymphenburg" in Munich, Bavaria. Here, I was trained as a professional procelain paint for ancient and contemporary decors. 

After three years of intensive training I started studying industrial design with focus on ceramics and glass at "Burg Giebichenstein" in Halle (Saale). Pursuing my passion for porcelain, the "White Gold", I enhanced my previous 2D-skills with modeling, conceptualizing, and selling complex 3D-forms. 

My work is influenced by frequent international exchange (trips to Russia, Austria, France, etc.) as well as an international semester at Saga University, Arita, Japan. Passionate about porcelain, I am always looking for contemporary approaches to one of the most fascinating materials in industrial design.


Please, do not hesitate to contact me for further information or questions to my projects. I am looking forward to hearing form you!