Lotte Schloer: PorCelain Design

Current projects

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M3: Machine – Mass – Mold

fitted space: multifunctional Japanese bowl adaption

betotherm: series of bowl

Swaptics: Haptics of light-switch

Marbling: Jars with drops

CUT: porcelain cylinders

Metamorphosis: plaster figure transformation

"Transluzenz": series of lamps

Porcelain painter & industrial designer: Lotte Schloer

My name is Lotte Schloer, I studied industrial design with a focus on ceramics and glass in Halle, Germany, and work as a porcelain designer in Munich, Halle, and Berlin.


I started working with porcelain during my apprenticeship at the renown porcelain manufactory "Nymphenburg" in Munich, Bavaria. Here, I was trained as a professional porcelain painter for ancient and contemporary decors. After three years of intensive training, I started studying industrial design in the department of ceramics and glass at "Burg Giebichenstein" in Halle (Saale). Pursuing my passion for porcelain, the "White Gold", I enhanced my previous 2D-skills with conceptualizing, prototyping, and promoting complex 3D-forms.

My work is influenced by frequent international exchange (working trips to Estonia, Russia, Austria, France, etc.) as well as an international semester at Saga University, Arita, Japan. For the last four years, I have been frequently visiting national and international fairs, exhibitions, and gathering – seeking for inspiration or when exhibiting myself. I also took part in residencies and trainings, for example, a 3D printing workshop in Tallinn and an international artist tandem in Neumünster. Passionate about porcelain, I am always looking for contemporary approaches to one of the most fascinating materials in product design.


Please, do not hesitate to contact me for further information or questions to my projects. I am looking forward to hearing form you!